Looking for a Good Book

Your Next Great Read!

Love adventure books? Enjoy contemporary historical fiction? Click on any of the links below for curated readalike book lists on chosen genres and authors. More lists to come soon!

Adventure. Adventure novels typically have plots with action and intrigue, featuring battles and conflicts where the good guys (usually!) win.

Chick Lit. Women’s fiction - often referred to as “Chick Lit,” feature plots that are breezy, funny and poignant. Jane Austen, Lousia May Alcott and the Brönte sisters spearheaded the genre.

Daniel Silva was a journalist who covered political conflicts and terrorism in the Middle East who went on to become a New York Times bestselling author. This list contains some of his best works and other similar authors.

John Sandford is a former journalist and bestselling writer of crime fiction - noted for creating vivid characters and thrilling suspense.

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