Intellectual Freedom

BOT Approved: February 15 2017


A singular obligation of a public library is to reflect within its collection differing points of view on controversial or debatable subjects. The George H. and Ella M. Rodgers Memorial Library does not promote particular beliefs or views, nor does the selection of an item express or imply an endorsement of the author's viewpoint.



The library assures free access to its holdings to all patrons who may select or reject for themselves any item in the collection. The Board declares that censorship is a purely individual matter; and that while anyone is free to reject personally offensive material, no one can exercise this right of censorship to restrict the freedom of others. Children are not limited to materials in the juvenile collection, although juvenile collections are kept together to facilitate use. Responsibility for the selection of material by children rests with parents and/or guardians, not with the library or its staff.

Concerns about materials in the library’s collection may be directed to any staff member. Patrons may pursue unresolved complaints by submitting a completed “Reconsideration of Library Materials” form, obtainable from any of the library’s public service desks or from the Administration Office.

The Board further declares that whenever censorship is at issue, no library material shall be removed from circulation unless a formal reconsideration has been completed by the Board.

Reconsideration of Library Materials

The library houses materials in the areas to which they seem most suitable, but does not restrict their use by age or other criteria.

Library materials will not be marked or identified to show approval or disapproval of the contents, nor will items be sequestered, except for the purpose of protecting them from damage or theft.

Comments from members of the community about the collection or individual items in the collection frequently provide useful information about interest or needs that may not be adequately met by the collection. The Library welcomes expression of opinion by patrons, but will be governed by the Collection Development Policy in making additions to or deleting items from the collection. In the interest of protecting the individual’s right to have access to materials, the library supports:

In the case of challenged material, the procedure for reconsideration shall be followed. The challenged material(s) will remain in the collection while the material is being reviewed. The decision of the Library Board of Trustees is final.

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